Welcome To Kim’s Black Belt Academy & Kyuki-Do Martial Arts

For over 40 years, Kim’s Black Belt Academy has been coaching and training thousands of students to improve their self-esteem, health, character, physical fitness, life skills and self defense skills through its martial arts program. Becoming a member of Kim’s Black Belt Academy is joining a highly qualified and respected program that is rich in tradition and progressive in its teachings.

Training at Kim’s Black Belt Academy is more than just learning how to kick, punch, and fight. It’s about achieving your personal development goals that will lead you to a life of joy, meaning, impact and contribution. We accomplish this by having a safe, friendly and positive environment for students of all ages to encourage and support each other and to celebrate each other’s success. We know that the life skills learned in our classes, such as discipline and perseverance, will lead to success at home, school, work, and in life!

Our martial arts classes are designed for students of all ages. There are many benefits that children and adults gain by practicing martial arts. Not only do our students learn effective and practical self defense skills, but they also learn valuable life skills and acquire various physical attributes, such as coordination, balance, strength, agility and flexibility.

We know that starting martial arts can be a little intimidating which is why we offer a free trial program. Our trial program provides a free private lesson with one of our staff members where you will be introduced to some of the techniques that are used in our basic class. We’ll also take you on a tour of the facility and answer any of your questions. Just click on “Free Trial” to receive your free private lesson today!

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